Break out into tears with the moment the mother gives her child a hug before saying goodbye to life

After 7 months struggling with death to save the life of her fetus, young mother was carried her baby on her hands for the last time before leaving life.
The mother in this clip suffered from end-stage cancer was treated to save her fetus by the doctors in the hospital.

The woman was in the end-stage cancer

During 5 years of Vitro Fertilisation, her family was happy when she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she suffered from cancer when she was in the 5th month of pregnancy.

She had a struggle to cancer to save her baby

Two months after the admission of hospital, the mother became weaker. In this situation, the best solution was to save the life of the mother.

She saw his baby the last time

After months of dealing with the disease, she saw her baby for the first time before leaving her life, which makes people not stop crying.