Surprised at the stunning Japanese mother preparing her child for school in 5 minutes

How to prepare your child for school in 5 minutes is always a problem for parents!

Firstly, wake up the child by throwing blanket

Quickly change clothes for the child

While the child are washing his teeth and washing his face, the mother quickly prepares bread for breakfast

The mother creatively uses the bowl to separate the bread crust

The child hurries to eat the breakfast his mother prepared for him

She also makes apple juice for the child

She uses a square card to fold the clothes

The child has a fast and unique way of dressing

He also helps his mother to prepare food for his lunch at school

The mother and the son coordinate very well to wear clothes

The mother wears skirt by doing acrobatics on the bed

The child is also ready to help his mom

Finally, the mother succeeds in preparing her child for school in 5 minutes