The smart dog Golden uses a washing basin as a ‘homemade bathtub’ making viewers unable to stop laughing

A smart and clever Golden dog is so creative when making a homemade bathtub himself to decrease the extreme heat of summer.

Recently, the weather has remained hot and muggy that makes those who go outside may be ‘melted’. Suffering such this weather, dogs somehow feel uncomfortable themselves. A short time ago, a video clip in which a Golden dog is taking a washing basin running as fast as possible to the faucet with a view to making a homemade bathtub himself is shared widely by Internet users.

The Golden dog both bends and pushes the basin making attempt to put it right below the tap. After the washing basin is put in a stable way, Golden uses his forearms and mouth to try to open the faucet.

The cool water starts to flow. But wait, the water is not cool enough. Golden decides to enter the washing basin lying in it to enjoy the water flushing directly on his body. So, it is cool, so great for Golden now.

It can be seen that the weather is so hot that a dog has to think of a way to avoid the extreme heat. This Golden dog is such an incredible one to make a ‘bathtub’ full of cool water himself.

What a clever dog! Let’s see the process of making a cool bathtub of Golden: