Adorable siblings perform ‘Greatest Showman’ singalong for Down syndrome awareness

A Teenager who has a special bond with her young brother performed a heartwarming dance routine to raise awareness for Down syndrome.

Genna, 14, and her four-year-old brother Jaxon, who has Down syndrome, performed a singalong and dance routine to “This Is Me” from the hit musical “The Greatest Showman”.

Footage captured at a home in Milton Keynes on August 15 shows the siblings dancing together.

Their mother, Lorraine Buckmaster, uploaded the video to Jaxon’s Facebook page – and it quickly went viral.

She told Newsflare: “We were just messing around on Wednesday evening and I picked up my phone and captured this.

“I uploaded it to Jaxon’s Facebook page, ‘Jaxon Rio Buckmaster Life’s ups and Down’s’, and it went crazy.

“It’s been viewed over 13k times now and shared 160 times.”

Buckmaster says she shared the clip to raise awareness over the condition.

“I love to show off their relationship to show the world Down syndrome isn’t the scary thing doctors would have you believe when you get the news your unborn baby is likely to be born with it,” she said.

The mother-of-five adds that Genna and Jaxon have a special relationship.

“Every night, Genna tells Jaxon she loves him and he’s one of the best things to ever happen to her,” she said.

Surprising: A seal is capable of “acting brilliantly” when being taken photos with tourists

Seals are well-known for intelligence and friendliness, so they can be trained to do a lot of things such as clapping or swimming.

The seal in this clip has an outstanding ability to pose for taking photos.

Seals are animal that is smart and friendly with human

First, it smiles happily and then rapidly blinks. Next, it sticks its tongue out.

Smile happily, blinks rapidly and sticks its tongue out.

In addition, it opens its mouth generously as if it wants to say to the instructor that he has to give it something special after it finishes the performance.

it opens its mouth generously

After taking photos, the instructor gives cute seal a fish while the tourists have excellent photos to share with their relatives and friends.

The young mother weighing 44 lbs has given birth to an only 4 lbs baby: I’m not scared of death, I just want to see my baby!

The young mother, only 44 lbs, fighted a terrible battle with the Death, in order to see her baby come to life. That baby is called Miracle.

Be diagnosed cervical hyperextension in muscular dystrophy when was pregnant the second baby, this brave mother decided to keep her child in belly, even when she weighed only 44 lbs. Her disease was so terrible that no method could help her anymore, the life of her and fetus was put in the Death’s hand. However, after 32 tough weeks, she could burst into tears because of happiness, the little baby was born.

That is definitely the miraculous journey of her and baby girl, maybe this is the reason why her name is Miracle. Her mother told, after knowing the disease, her husband did not care about her, even he took their first daughter to his mother’s home and lived like she’d passed away.

Due to the illness, she was unable to talk, just looked at hopelessly to the air and had to breathe with the oxygen bottle, but her love to the second daughter was everlasting. She wasn’t scared of passing away, always wanted to see the face of baby in her belly.

The baby’s grandmother shared that: “She had done that, she had won. Miracle was born, even weighed 4 lbs”. After all, the coming of Miracle to her family is so miraculous that she’s never ever dared to dream.

“My daughter seemed to pass away many times to save the Miracle’s life. Taking care of her at hospital, just seeing her still alive daily, I prayed something good happen to her and fetus. But now, she can do it, my hope comes true, thank God”.

“She loves her baby than everything she has, despite of passing away, she wants to see her baby come to life. Now I just hope she would be fine and stronger to take care of baby by herself. My cruel son-in-law have not cared to them and never come to hospital. I tried to call him many times, but it was impossible”.

At present, due to unstable health, she’s been treated positively at the General Hospital.

Break out into tears with the moment the mother gives her child a hug before saying goodbye to life

After 7 months struggling with death to save the life of her fetus, young mother was carried her baby on her hands for the last time before leaving life.
The mother in this clip suffered from end-stage cancer was treated to save her fetus by the doctors in the hospital.

The woman was in the end-stage cancer

During 5 years of Vitro Fertilisation, her family was happy when she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she suffered from cancer when she was in the 5th month of pregnancy.

She had a struggle to cancer to save her baby

Two months after the admission of hospital, the mother became weaker. In this situation, the best solution was to save the life of the mother.

She saw his baby the last time

After months of dealing with the disease, she saw her baby for the first time before leaving her life, which makes people not stop crying.

Drowning dog rescued by AWESOME men!

There are many touching stories around people and animals. The following video is an example of that. That was a dog. He swirled into the whirlpool but luckily escaped death thanks to a man who tried hard to help. A touching moment between humans and animal

The dog is drowning

This man tried his best, pulled his hand out to pull the dog

The water pushing the dog back, but this guys never let him give up.

After a lot of effort, this man finally saved the poor dog.

The smart dog Golden uses a washing basin as a ‘homemade bathtub’ making viewers unable to stop laughing

A smart and clever Golden dog is so creative when making a homemade bathtub himself to decrease the extreme heat of summer.

Recently, the weather has remained hot and muggy that makes those who go outside may be ‘melted’. Suffering such this weather, dogs somehow feel uncomfortable themselves. A short time ago, a video clip in which a Golden dog is taking a washing basin running as fast as possible to the faucet with a view to making a homemade bathtub himself is shared widely by Internet users.

The Golden dog both bends and pushes the basin making attempt to put it right below the tap. After the washing basin is put in a stable way, Golden uses his forearms and mouth to try to open the faucet.

The cool water starts to flow. But wait, the water is not cool enough. Golden decides to enter the washing basin lying in it to enjoy the water flushing directly on his body. So, it is cool, so great for Golden now.

It can be seen that the weather is so hot that a dog has to think of a way to avoid the extreme heat. This Golden dog is such an incredible one to make a ‘bathtub’ full of cool water himself.

What a clever dog! Let’s see the process of making a cool bathtub of Golden:

Surprised at the stunning Japanese mother preparing her child for school in 5 minutes

How to prepare your child for school in 5 minutes is always a problem for parents!

Firstly, wake up the child by throwing blanket

Quickly change clothes for the child

While the child are washing his teeth and washing his face, the mother quickly prepares bread for breakfast

The mother creatively uses the bowl to separate the bread crust

The child hurries to eat the breakfast his mother prepared for him

She also makes apple juice for the child

She uses a square card to fold the clothes

The child has a fast and unique way of dressing

He also helps his mother to prepare food for his lunch at school

The mother and the son coordinate very well to wear clothes

The mother wears skirt by doing acrobatics on the bed

The child is also ready to help his mom

Finally, the mother succeeds in preparing her child for school in 5 minutes

‘I will kill you!’ screams outraged woman at Planet Fitness

A woman in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is facing charges of malicious destruction after trashing a Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness may usually a “Jugement Free Zone”; however, this mad woman may have pushed that a policy a little too far.

According to a witness she entered the gym at 1:30 am in the morning wearing a red robe, nightgown and flip-flops …. Then she argued with the desk worker and threw away everything showing in front of her.

She was arrested and has been charged with malicious destruction of property, although employee has decided not to press assult charges. Then she still continued to abuse him and said that she would kill him.

Then she attacked continuously him without stopping her action, although other man discouraged her from hitting that desk worker. This woman seems to be aggressive and enraged.

Let’s watch this video!

Melt with smart dog’s act of protecting baby when the parent pretends to hit her

Dogs are the best friends of humans, they are not only pets but also loyal friends, good brothers of children when kids get dangerous situations that parents have no side.
Recently, a clip captures the lovely moments of dogs seen as pets at home as they try to protect the child from owner’s violent acts (of course, this owner just pretend to hit the baby)

As soon as the owner is ready to strike, the dog immediately prevent, barking constantly and shielding the child

Whenever the child screams, the dog will appears as a brave brother, using his legs, his muzzle and head, even hugging the child to stop the violent hands of anyone

Even being father, mother of baby, the dog also don’t want make hurt the kids

A well-fed dog in a good family will always regard it as his/ her real family, playing with the kids, even young children will be naughty, grab the tail, pinching cheeks, make dogs hurt , and so on. In many countries, parents train dogs to grow up with their baby as a real friend

Feeding for super mischievous triplets, the mother uses the special way to control them when all of them ask to breastmilk

The viewers can not stop looking at the scene 3 babies follow the mother to ask for milk. They look like lovely piggies!
Parents always wants the best things for their children. However, when you are busy with work, we will easily get into bad habits and it is difficult to ensure the preparation of decent meals for the whole family, especially your babies. Meanwhile, nothing is more important than a well-balanced diet for themselves as well as for the development of the baby.

In this clip, the mother seems to be very busy with triplets. They are very mischievous but she always care them and tries to create goo habits for her babies.

The triplets cry continuously and ask for milk.

They follow the mother and cry.

They look like the piggies who are very hungry.

But they are obedient immediately when the mother call them to climb on the bed.

This is the good way to build the good habits for kids.