8-yr-old girl gets revenge as teacher humiliates her in front of class, parents are going crazy

Most of the teachers were pretty decent during the school years, apart from the odd one or two that we all cross paths with.

Luckily I had an amazing circle of close friends who helped each other out when any of us got in trouble!

People you surround yourself with play an important part in how much you enjoy certain places or activities.

Most people try to ride it out and just endure it when faced with bad circumstances, others might perhaps run from the situation.

Neither of those options may feel like the right choice and often all you want to do is fight back!

When there are children involved violence is the least favored outcome.

However, you have to stand up for yourself and not let people walk all over and confront people directly.

Some bullies have their cowardly behavior exposed for all to see and back down when they have to own up to their public actions.

A teacher humiliates a young girl by berating her in front of the class, you can see how uncomfortable the poor girl is, as she constantly stares down at the floor.

But she shocks everyone when she suddenly takes action, the teacher got his comeuppance!

The clip takes place in a school somewhere in Russia and has more than 6 million views.

To be honest, we’re not sure if this is staged but regardless the important thing is the great message!

Not a fan of violence this teacher takes it too far, so he definitely doesn’t have anybody to blame but himself!

Watch the little girl’s glorious payback below!

List of normal things in houses that can possibly put your children at fatal risks

Take the case of little girl named Bronwyn Taylor into consideration. She strangled herself in a window blind cord while playing with a toy vacuum cleaner at her grandparents’ home. The hospital couldn’t save the 2-year-old infant.

This is an alarm to all parents who aren’t fully aware of the risk in their own houses. One second of ignorance can make parents regret for the rest of their life.

Below is a list of things that can cause harm to children.

1. Bath tub, large fish tank

Things to contains water are harmful to children to an extent. Children like playing, not to mention their passion to water. Thus, leaving them playing alone near such things is very dangerous. Kids may fall onto these. And even though the water level is sallow, their potential threat can not be underestimated.

2. Electric sockets, electric device

The most important rules is to keep these things out of the children’s reach. In their crawling and walking process, it’s really easy for them to get near these dangers.

3. Shelves

Kids like climbing. Book shelves, closets, stand shelves are their favourite to climb because it’s easy to get to them. However, without a firm base, these shelves can easily fall, hurting the playful kids. In order for their safety, parents should keep these shelves stable and firm in the base so that they can’t fall easily.

4. Window blind cord

Nearly 17,000 young children were hurt by window blinds between 1990 and 2015, and though most injuries were minor, almost 300 died, the study shows. Most deaths occurred when children became entangled or strangled by the cords.

According to Dr. O’Neil, if kids get strangled in window blind cords, there’s a high rate that they’ll choked to unconsciousness. If parents don;t act quickly in the first 2 – 3 minutes, it’ll be too late.

5. Kettle

Kettle is very popular in every household. However, they bear a serious risk of burning the kids if they’re careless. Parents should pay attention to this kitchen tool in order not to create any chaos and regret to their precious kids.

6. Sharp edges of furniture.

Falling is normal when kids play. However, there are a high rate that they will fall upon the sharp edges of furniture in the house.

Therefore, parents should cover these edges with puff of cottons pad. Besides, parents should ban kids from jumping from safe or bed to the ground. You shouldn’t put obstacle in their playing and running areas either.

7. Medicine

In kids’ eyes, medicines with colours look exactly like candy. They can’t distinguish them, and are not aware of their danger either.

Therefore, parents should put medicine out of their reach. The drug shelf should have kid’s area and adult’s area to differentiate.

8. Glass cups

Glass or pottery cups can burn kids if they are careless. Not to mention the fact that the danger if they break these cups. Therefore, parents should make them use plastic cups or hold the cups for them.

9. Small tools, food

Small things in the house like buttons, battery have their own risks. Infants can misunderstand that they’re food and swallow them. These can make them choke, create fatall risks.

See video:

Besides, small fruit like blueberry, nuts, etc… can make them choke too. Parents should take care when feeding kids these.


Man leaves wife to raise 6 children alone – 3 months later, she discovers incredible surprise in family car

Life’s not always sunshine and roses. In fact, a lot of the time it can be tough and unfair.

You might not have experienced difficult patches yet, but you can be certain they’ll come around sooner or later. No one goes through their entire life without battling through a crisis.

During these difficult times, support and love are vital. They’re the only things that can strengthen and comfort us in the darkest of times.

Whether they come from your family, friends, pets or even complete strangers: Small acts of kindness always make a big difference.

To be left by your husband to raise 6 children alone is, fortunately, quite rare. That said, there’s probably a lot of us who have been left let down by someone we loved.

Perhaps that’s why this fictional story struck such a chord in my heart, because I could really relate to it.

It’s the message that’s most important; the moral of the story something we can all learn from. Please, help us spread the word further by sharing.

Mom on her own
September 1960. I woke up one morning with six hungry children and only $1 in my pocket. My husband – and the father of my children – had left me without a trace.

My boys were between three-months and seven-years-old – their sister was four.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing. The children’s dad had never been a good father – everyone felt fear when he was around. The children used to hide under their beds when they heard his car pull into the driveway. That said, he did bring money in every week so we had enough to buy food.

Now that he’d decided to leave, the anger and the aggression would surely disappear. Unfortunately, so would the food.

There may have been a welfare system in the country at that time. If there was, though, I wasn’t aware of it. I certainly couldn’t have asked for money.

So, I cleaned the children so they looked nice, then I donned my finest dress. I put the children into our rusty old 1951 Chevrolet and drove off in search of a job.

I visited every factory, shop and restaurant in our small town. I was met with no success.

Wherever possible, the children waited in the car and remained silent while I tried to convince managers that I would be willing to learn anything, do anything. They only had to give me a chance.

After everything, however, there were no vacancies.

The last place we tried lay a few miles outside of town. It was an old restaurant that had been converted into a long-distance cafe. It was called “Big Wheel”.

An old woman – everyone knew her as “Grandmother” – owned the place. She peered suspiciously out of the window as we arrived.

It transpired she needed someone to cover the night shift from 11pm to 7am.

She paid about $5.40 an hour and was willing to let me start straight away.

I literally ran home and immediately called the teenager who lived on our street. She had babysat for us before, and I agreed with her that she could sleep on my couch for $18 a night, so long as she made sure the children went to bed.

She thought it all sounded OK, so that particular issue ceased to be a problem. That night, when the children were getting ready to go to bed, I thanked the powers that be for giving me a way to make our living.

Then I started working at the “Big Wheel”. When I got home the next morning, I woke up the babysitter and sent her home with her salary. It turned out to be around half of what I had earned.

As the weeks rolled by, heating costs went up in the house. We lived on the edge of our means, and, in addition, the tires on our old Chevvy were extremely old. I had to fill the tires with air on my way to work, and then again when I was coming home.

Strange gift
One particularly bleak autumn morning, I went to my car to leave work for home. I found four new tires on the backseat. Brand new! There was no message or note. There was nothing in the car. Nothing, aside from four nice, new tires.

“Are there really angels in our city?” I wondered to myself.

I thus made an appointment with the local gas station. In exchange for mounting the new tires, I would clean the manager’s office. I remember it took me a lot longer to scrub the floor that it did for the company to change the tires.

During this period, I was working six nights a week instead of five, but finances were still an issue. Christmas was fast approaching, and I knew there would be no money for gifts for the kids. I did find a can of red paint, and began to repair and respray old toys that I intended to rehash as new presents. I hid the toys in the basement, so that Santa could ‘deliver them’ on Christmas Day.

Clothes for the kids also began to become a concern. I tried to repair the boys’ pants, but it was only a matter of time before they were damaged beyond my ability to fix them.

I worked the night of Christmas Eve and the regular customers sipped their coffees at the “Big Wheel”. There were long-haul drivers – Leif, Frank and Jim – and also Joe, the traffic officer.

Some musicians came by after performing at a place nearby. They spent most of their time playing on our pinball game.

When it was time for me to go home at 7:00, on the morning of Christmas Day, I saw there were a number of packets in my old Chevvy. It was filled with boxes, in fact.

I quickly opened the door and began to shuffle things around in the back seat. When I opened the first box, it was full of blue jeans of all different children’s sizes. I opened another box, this one full of shirts and sweaters.

Then I looked in some of the other boxes.

Candy, nuts, fruit… food bags. There was a large Christmas ham, canned vegetables, potatoes. There were puddings, cakes, pies and flour. I found a whole separate box dedicated to toilet materials and cleaning products.

Then, in the last package, I found five toy cars and a beautiful little doll…

As I made my way home through empty streets, the sun slowly rising over the city, I wept tears of gratitude. I will never forget the faces of my precious treasures that morning as they got their presents.

Yes, there were in fact angels living in our little town a long time ago in December, 1960.

They just spent their time at the “Big Wheels” cafe.

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Cop Makes Woman Sit In Hot Car After Leaving Dog Inside. Her Furious Response Is Golden

We’ve shared too many stories of people choosing to leave their animals in vehicles in hot weather. It’s baffling to us why some folks make this life-threatening and dangerous decision that could ultimately kill their pets.

Do folks continue to make this drastic choice out of laziness? Or do they simply not care about their animals?

One officer in New Mexico has clearly had enough of seeing animals locked up in vehicles and he decided to do something about it. He had the perfect solution to one woman’s callous response.

New Mexico police officer Vincent Kreischer spotted a dog locked in a car in the parking lot of a grocery store. When the dog’s owner, Shelly Nicholas, emerged from the market, he confronted her, but she claimed to have only left her dog alone inside the vehicle for ten minutes.

Officer Kreischer explained that, in the 90-degree heat, the inside of the car could heat up to 114 degrees in those 10 minutes. The poor pooch was in great distress, even after such a short time in the car.

However, when Kreischer asked Nicholas why she left her dog locked inside the car, she became irate and very rude toward him. Bad mistake. You don’t argue with a police officer after you’ve committed a crime so horrible as letting your dog sit trapped in such sweltering conditions.

In response to the woman’s attitude, the officer suggested that, since she didn’t believe conditions were so bad in her car, she should sit in there with the doors closed, windows rolled up, and engine off – just like her dog had – while he wrote her ticket.

That’s when the woman began to protest about how hot it was outside and said she couldn’t possibly do as the officer ordered.

Too bad for her. She should’ve thought of that before leaving her dog to suffer in her car while she headed inside where it was nice and cool.

We’re glad this officer took a different approach to this situation. Giving the nasty woman a taste of her own medicine hopefully taught her that you don’t mistreat any living being.

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She’s Confused When Cop Pulls Bag Out Of Car, Breaks Down Sobbing When She Sees What’s Inside

Seeing the lights of a police car flashing in your rearview mirror can send your stomach plummeting to your toes. Getting pulled over and receiving a ticket or even a citation for a traffic violation can make anyone anxious.

As unpleasant as receiving a ticket is, officers are just doing their jobs to maintain order and keep the peace. I’m sure they dislike writing tickets, but doing so is part of the job.

But what if you were pulled over and you knew you made a mistake, but instead of a ticket, the officer had a gift for you?

Folks who were pulled over in Laredo, Texas, recently experienced this very thing.

In collaboration with Operation Peacemaker, a local nonprofit comprised of police officers, and an anonymous local business, the Laredo PD came up with the wonderful idea to distribute turkeys for the holiday season rather than traffic tickets.

Police officers pulled folks over for legitimate traffic stops, but instead of writing tickets, they gave the drivers a warning and something else unexpected – a holiday turkey.

“Humanity in the performance of one’s duty as an officer is first [and] foremost,” Chief Claudio Treviño explained. “The officers came up with the idea, and that commitment to the betterment and service to our community is what makes me proudest to be the head of such a dedicated and compassionate group of officers.”

Officers handed out a total of 25 turkeys in one day. The responses of the recipients were recorded on the officers’ body cameras and, as you can see, the drivers were both shocked and delighted to be handed this kind gift.

Police officers don’t always get recognition for their generous actions or good deeds. It’s great to see officers making the news for handing out these Thanksgiving birds for families to enjoy.

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He Didn’t Trust His Mom’s Nursing Home, So He Sets Up A Hidden Camera. What He Captures Is So Sad

A man named Camille Parent filed a lawsuit against his own mother’s elder care facility when he managed to capture video-graphic evidence of his mother being bullied by other residents in the same facility, which left her severely traumatized with bruises all over her body.

Initially, he suspected that it was just the other residents who mistreated his mother – but he was wrong. Staff members were also caught in the act – physically abused the poor 85-year-old woman, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Her belongings were also stolen! Care for your folks, do not leave them in the hands of abusive monsters.

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