A beautiful bride still decided to get married her boyfriend, although he got end-stage cancer

When loving passionately, people always want to be their side each other, even only remaining one seconds or one minute of life.

Rowden Go Pangcoga, coming from Philipines, and Leizel love each other in the long term. They lived together and had a beautiful baby girl; however, their wedding still has not taken place.

According to the first plan, Rowden would arrange his wedding with his lover on 8th, July, 2014 – This is his 30-year-old birthday.

However, his end-stage cance made him nearly give up everything. Facing up with Death Eater, he still wished to organize wedding with lover.

Not being strong enough to go out, so he was helped to organize their wedding in the hospital. His wedding in dream took place with so much emotion such as sadness, compassion.

10 hours after organizing wedding, Rowden passed away in the hospital that made people merciful.

The husband pretended to beat his wife, the dog rushed into preventing

The dog is so smart and lovely!

The cutest dog makes people feel hilarious and touching in the world. Just because the joke of the married couple, the dog was cheated that the husband hit his wife.

Although the dog was overridden continuously by its owner, it still tried to approach the boss and prevented him from beating his wife. Its action made netizens excited.

He hugged his owner tightly with the aim of stopping him from beating the wife, which made viewers feel melting-heart because it is a gratifying dog.

Hospital staff sing goodbye song to 3-year-old who finished chemo

The video recorded hospital staff singing goodbye song to 3-year-old who finally finished chemo

Staff at St. Jude sang to tell 3-year-old Hadley Gray that her chemo treatment has finally come to end! Hadley was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when she was 2. She spent the last six months in the hospital eight hours away from her home in Tennessee. Hospital staff let her know she was finally clear to go home with an adorable song.

Staff at St. Jude sang to tell 3-year-old Hadley Gray

This is Hadley who was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when she was 2

They gave her an adorable song.

She spent the last six months in the hospital

Her chemo treatment has finally come to end People are glad she gets to go home

This touching video got attention of netizens. Many people expressed their feeling after watching video. Here are some comments.

“I had Leukaemia when I was 34 yrs old and I felt like dying. I had chemo every day for the whole year. I cant imagine how this baby felt during her chemo. Bless you little one, live life to the fullest.”

“Oh my she is so cute I hope she she lives the rest of her life in peace”

“Poor baby what a little fighter glad she gets to go home”

7-year-old runs to Utah home after stranger offers her a bicycle

Teaching children how to avoid attractive invitation from strange people is very necessary when they are small.

The incident happened in Salt Lake City when Emmy McCardell – 7-year-old girl – is sunbathing outside her house, the car came to approach her. The driver said hello to her in very friendly way, then asked an attractive question that every little kid love to hear. “Do want a bicycle?” he asked.

However, Emmy knew what should she do. She said “no” and ran into her house. Emmy’s mom knew something happened when her daughter ran into the door. She said that she taught her kids about “stranger danger.” when they were very small.

The 7-year-old girl was sunbathing outside her house.

The strange car came to her house.

He showed his friendly attitude and offer her a bicycle.

Do you want a bicycle?

She ran into the house and said “no”.

She was taught about how to react to strangers by her mother.

Oddly, the orangutan becomes babysitter for two tigers and the hidden truth makes everyone touched

The way that the orangutan cares for the two tigers making people very touched because of motherhood between them.

Surely you will love this red-haired orangutan that plays in the role of cute “nanny”. The gesture is very caring as a mother. You will no longer find it strange to see images of other animals express their feelings for each other. But do you ever think that animals also know how to care for each other? Certainly after watching the images of this orangutan you will be surprised by its “love”. In the South Carolina area of Myrtle Beach, a female orangutan in the zoo has been become as the mother of two tigers. The two tigers have lost their mother since born. The orangutan becomes the mother of two tigers making everyone surprised . Seeing how the orangutan caress for the two tigers makes people very touched because of motherhood between them.

Tigers are cared for very carefully

3 animals very close

Orangutan also embraces the baby tiger

Baby tigers are joking around the mother

This orangutan you will be surprised by its “love”

The orangutan becomes the mother of two tigers making everyone surprised

The presence of a magical woman on the street makes pedestrians completely astonished

The video in which a woman appears on the street in a strange outfit and suddenly hovers in the air has attracted a great number of netizens as well as raised a variety of suspicion among scientists.
It is said that human beings are born with inherent instincts (which are now called supernatural abilities). However, the development of science and technology lead to human’s dependence on advanced tools increasingly. As a result, these instincts gradually disappear.

Nevertheless, the existence of those who own these extraordinary instincts still remains all over the world. The woman in this video is a typical example. Appearing with a mysterious costume and using only one pillow and a stick, she began to make distinctive gestures with her hands and legs.

The woman’s body started flying in the air, initially with the left leg and then with the right leg. She both hovered in the air and produced special noises and gestures. Moreover, her two legs even treaded in the air.

This woman even exchanged the stick from her one hand to another and continued gliding. Her performance surprisingly appealed to numerous passersby’s concern, which made them watch intently.

Although science still does not explain supernatural phenomenas and a great deal of people even call it “superstition”, there are still a lot of exotic abilities out there resembling to this woman’s.

Do you believe this woman really has supernatural ability? Take a look at the video below:

Two little girls teach their dog to jump on the bed and he jumps so well—he is a clear winner

Dogs are one of the highly intelligent animals as they can pick up new things and habits quite fast and this smart dog is one of them.

Gil Abramov saw it firsthand that his pit bull is a fast learner and quite a playful one when he captured his two daughters teaching him to jump up and down on the bed.

The smart canine named Loco quickly picked up new skill from the two energetic girls on how to have fun bouncing on the bed after observing the little girls and he did it!

Loco really looks like he was having the time of his life when he got to bounce and play on the bed

The eye-opening experience was so fun and thrilled for him that he could not stop jumping on the bed

Meanwhile, the two girls kept encouraging him to jump along!

“It’s time to have some fun!”

“That’s it for today. I’m already tired.”

Check out the hilarious video below and see how this smart and cheeky dog learned to jump on the bed:

The drill championship is the ultimate test of strength and it is only for the strongest and fastest firefighters

Being a firefighter requires one to be extremely agile and fit since firefighters are primarily needed in hazardous and life-threatening settings and these amazing firefighters prove why they are at the forefront when it comes to protecting the public.

Every year, all firefighters in New York compete in the prestigious competition, Firematic Racing. What was first started as a monetary reward for firefighters who were able to extinguish fire first, this competition then evolved into season-long competitions between rival racing teams to find the fastest and toughest firefighters in New York.

Controlled by New York State Volunteer Firemen’s Parade and Drill Team Captains Association, Inc., this challenging competition is divided into three sub-competitions; hose competitions, ladder competitions and bucket brigade competitions

Hose competitions are when the contestants need to work as a team to attach a hose to the hydrant and aim the water at the flip-up target positioned at the end of the track

Meanwhile, ladder competitions see the contestants using the same hose cart to carry a special ladder down the track

The ladder is then placed against the top of an arch and the contestants have to climb up the ladder to reach the top of the ladder as quickly as possible

We are off!!! www.nysdrillteams.com/video for all the action.

A post shared by @ nysdrillteams on

Lastly, bucket brigade competitions see contestants carrying a five-gallon canvas bucket and running down the track at top speed with the heavy bucket filled with water.

They later need to climb up a stationary ladder that is fixed against a top of an arch and fill the drum placed atop of the arch with the water from the bucket

The winner of this championship is determined by the number of winning events throughout the season.

Since the nature of the competitions is extremely competitive and super challenging, being slow is not an option.

Only the toughest will get to be crowned as the winner of this most coveted drill championship

This lucky dog loves playing slides so her owner builds an indoor slide just for her

This adorable dog may be the luckiest dog ever!

It is not overrated to say that every dog in her neighborhood is green with envy when this dog’s owner built a custom-made slide in their home just for the dog.

Just earlier last month, Facebook user Amei Saber uploaded a short clip of her little dog sliding down a big spiral slide like the ones you usually see in water theme parks

Except, the slide does not have water and it is made especially for her lucky dog, Anitta!

In the short clip, Anitta can be seen gliding down the first curve and scrambles her tiny feet before she pushes herself to pass through the second curve

We assume that the spiral is gigantic as it looks pitch black when Anitta almost reaches the end of the slide. Can you imagine how big the slide is?

The dog certainly is having the best time of her life when she is playing the slide!

Even though the video was uploaded in less than two months, it has racked up over millions of views as many people also share their excitement over the indoor slide.

Watch this spoiled dog plays her favourite slide in this clip here

Romantic moment a penguin couple spotted holding “hands” like human lovers on the beach

This African penguin couple having a romantic stroll on the beach will make you believe in love again.

A viral video posted by Storytrender shows two penguins touching their flippers strolling on the beach just like human couples would normally do.

Norma Landeros-Ramirez was on her honeymoon with her husband in Cape Town, South Africa when she saw a heartwarming and romantic scene unfold before her eyes at Boulders Penguin Colony. She quickly recorded the rare sight with her smart phone.

She saw a couple of penguins emerged from the sea and walked flipper to flipper along the beach

As the two waddled away, they held their flippers together like a romantic couple holding hands

Norma tells storytrender: “Since my husband and I are newlyweds, I wanted to see the penguins because I have heard that they keep one partner for life, so it seemed fitting.”

As of today, this viral video has more than 152,000 views on Youtube. The penguins are holding on to each other’s flippers, how much love!

Some netizens wonder what penguins were doing in South Africa. According to wikipedia, African penguin is only found on the south-western coast of Africa, living in colonies on 24 islands between Namibia and Algoa Bay, near Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

African penguin also called Jackass penguin. They are acclimated to warmer climates.

Facebook user Barbara Ann commented: “Nice video so nice to see happy things like this. Penguins are full of happiness and love. They feel love just like us humans do only I think they respect each other more than humans do.”

Some netizens are even jealous. Lovely Vee says: “These penguins got a better love life than me!”

Watch this beautiful moment of the penguin couple holding hands as they stroll along the beach together here